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11/03/2014 tenascin [en] tenascin 발음
11/03/2014 dithiothreitol [en] dithiothreitol 발음
11/03/2014 Gillian Apps [en] Gillian Apps 발음
11/03/2014 Charle Cournoyer [en] Charle Cournoyer 발음
11/03/2014 Charles Hamelin [en] Charles Hamelin 발음
11/03/2014 Nelson Farris [en] Nelson Farris 발음
11/03/2014 Malhotra [en] Malhotra 발음
11/03/2014 dimethylaminoethyl [en] dimethylaminoethyl 발음
11/03/2014 malate [en] malate 발음
11/03/2014 stoneware [en] stoneware 발음
18/07/2013 Dennis Franz [en] Dennis Franz 발음
18/07/2013 pauci-immune [en] pauci-immune 발음
18/07/2013 manoeuvres [en] manoeuvres 발음
18/07/2013 haggled [en] haggled 발음
20/06/2013 assists [en] assists 발음
19/06/2013 damped [en] damped 발음
27/03/2012 rotundum [en] rotundum 발음
04/05/2011 Stollerys [en] Stollerys 발음
04/05/2011 Bootes [en] Bootes 발음
04/05/2011 effortlessly [en] effortlessly 발음
19/04/2011 Rubenesque [en] Rubenesque 발음
19/04/2011 Subcategory [en] Subcategory 발음
19/04/2011 Paralysed [en] Paralysed 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
19/04/2011 Podgy [en] Podgy 발음
19/04/2011 Caramelization [en] Caramelization 발음
19/04/2011 Befoul [en] Befoul 발음
19/04/2011 hi-hat [en] hi-hat 발음
19/04/2011 Contractural [en] Contractural 발음
19/04/2011 Autologically [en] Autologically 발음
19/04/2011 Ontologically [en] Ontologically 발음
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사용자 정보

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada in 1971. I have a Ph.D in biological sciences, specifically genetics and cell biology.

I try to pronounce words as I would in everyday speech rather than fully enunciated. I speak with a West/Central Canadian accent. It is rhotic (final "R" pronounced), I pronounce cot-caught and Mary-merry-marry the same. I also speak with a Canadian Rising -- the vowel sound of "house" and "houses" is different and is the source of the amusing (yet incorrect) belief that Canadians pronounce "out and about" as "oot and aboot"; Wikipedia has a good article on this.

성별: 남자

억양/나라: 캐나다

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