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21/08/2014 dessiller [fr] dessiller 발음 0 표
14/08/2014 l'enchaînement d'actions [fr] l'enchaînement d'actions 발음 0 표
14/08/2014 pour commencer [fr] pour commencer 발음 0 표
14/08/2014 pour finir [fr] pour finir 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 bon séjour [fr] bon séjour 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 vœux de bonne année [fr] vœux de bonne année 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 à vos souhaits ! [fr] à vos souhaits ! 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 il est tard [fr] il est tard 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 gros moyens [fr] gros moyens 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 elle a le cœur lourd [fr] elle a le cœur lourd 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 les souliers [fr] les souliers 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 empeste [fr] empeste 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 ce n'est pas mon jour [fr] ce n'est pas mon jour 발음 0 표
13/08/2014 Chantal Dupuy-Dunier [fr] Chantal Dupuy-Dunier 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Henri Frugès [fr] Henri Frugès 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Les Chables [fr] Les Chables 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Ayn [fr] Ayn 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 géniaux [fr] géniaux 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Haemele [fr] Haemele 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Rousseeuw [fr] Rousseeuw 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Heriwegh [fr] Heriwegh 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Salye [fr] Salye 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Osterfläde [fr] Osterfläde 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Suberwick [fr] Suberwick 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Aydius [fr] Aydius 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Haelberg [fr] Haelberg 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Guye [fr] Guye 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Beddes [fr] Beddes 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Dieterlen [fr] Dieterlen 발음 0 표
10/08/2014 Belfays [fr] Belfays 발음 0 표
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사용자 정보

Hi everybody,
I'm French and live near Paris.
I've always been interested in foreign languages, so I've been studying English, Spanish, Portuguese, but also some Chinese, Romanian, and a couple of words of some other languages too...
I think being open to other cultures and languages is a key element for world peace, as they're all part of our common wealth as humans on this planet.
If you wish to improve your French, just have a look at the web site Bernard12 and myself share or at the Froggyspeak Facebook page !

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