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03/04/2015 Combien en avez-vous acheté ? [fr] Combien en avez-vous acheté ? 발음 0 표
03/04/2015 Blignac [fr] Blignac 발음 0 표
03/04/2015 discutions [fr] discutions 발음 1 표
03/04/2015 discutaient [fr] discutaient 발음 1 표
03/04/2015 discutiez [fr] discutiez 발음 1 표
03/04/2015 discutera [fr] discutera 발음 1 표
03/04/2015 discuterai [fr] discuterai 발음 1 표
03/04/2015 sortirai [fr] sortirai 발음 1 표
03/04/2015 sortais [fr] sortais 발음 1 표
03/04/2015 buviez [fr] buviez 발음 1 표
03/04/2015 esprit alerte [fr] esprit alerte 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Ginsburger [fr] Ginsburger 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Beynost [fr] Beynost 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Rakotondrabe [fr] Rakotondrabe 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Beuste [fr] Beuste 발음 1 표
02/04/2015 Garuda [fr] Garuda 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Alkonost [fr] Alkonost 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Schuré [fr] Schuré 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Veytaux [fr] Veytaux 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Thanakoen [fr] Thanakoen 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Taignoagny [fr] Taignoagny 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Domagaya [fr] Domagaya 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Olesoxime [fr] Olesoxime 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 terpnos logo [fr] terpnos logo 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Delhalt [fr] Delhalt 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Avaell [fr] Avaell 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Najoth [fr] Najoth 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Montlot [fr] Montlot 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Sengi [fr] Sengi 발음 0 표
02/04/2015 Huignard [fr] Huignard 발음 0 표

사용자 정보

Hi everybody,
I'm French and live near Paris.
I've always been interested in foreign languages, so I've been studying English, Spanish, Portuguese, but also some Chinese, Romanian, and a couple of words of some other languages too...
I think being open to other cultures and languages is a key element for world peace, as they're all part of our common wealth as humans on this planet.

If you wish to improve your French, just pay a visit at the website Bernard12 and myself share by just typing "Froggyspeak" on your browser search bar or have a look at our "Froggyspeak" Facebook page!

성별: 남자

억양/나라: 프랑스

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