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05/11/2012 Wireless [en] Wireless 발음 0 표
05/11/2012 chafed [en] chafed 발음 0 표
05/11/2012 frustrate [en] frustrate 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 tapioca [en] tapioca 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 consummate (adjective) [en] consummate (adjective) 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 consummate (verb) [en] consummate (verb) 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 tantrum [en] tantrum 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 crows [en] crows 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 ironing [en] ironing 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 Bag Enderby [en] Bag Enderby 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 somersby [en] somersby 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
03/11/2012 Horncastle [en] Horncastle 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 alliterate [en] alliterate 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 sleeping [en] sleeping 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 sense [en] sense 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 please [en] please 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 Paul [en] Paul 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 tear [en] tear 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 altercation [en] altercation 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 reason [en] reason 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 baffle [en] baffle 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 vial [en] vial 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 Loo [en] Loo 발음 2 표 최고의 발음
03/11/2012 turn [en] turn 발음 2 표
03/11/2012 compost [en] compost 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 can't [en] can't 발음 0 표
03/11/2012 awkward [en] awkward 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 obnoxious [en] obnoxious 발음 1 표
03/11/2012 thirty three [en] thirty three 발음 2 표
03/11/2012 thrifty [en] thrifty 발음 0 표

사용자 정보

I'm originally from the east coast of England, from Lincolnshire, but I lived and worked in the south west and the south east for several years. I think my Lincolnshire accent has almost disappeared, but I can still hear the two-tone vowels of some words, and I still have the dead-giveaway short northern-English vowels. If I was a convincing Lincolnshire dialect speaker, I'd add some here as I find it very poetic (as did Alfred, Lord Tennyson, who wrote many poems in Lincolnshire dialect). However, I think my pronunciation, while not RP or BBC, is clear. I now live and work in the Netherlands, and several non-native speakers have commented that my spoken English is clear and easy to understand, so I'm pretty confident to record samples on this website. My spoken Dutch, however, is a completely different matter and in this respect I'm a user rather than a supplier!

성별: 여자

억양/나라: 영국

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