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31/07/2012 pancreaticojejunostomy [en] pancreaticojejunostomy 발음 2 표 최고의 발음
31/07/2012 Chroniclers [en] Chroniclers 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
27/06/2012 radiculopathy [en] radiculopathy 발음 0 표
27/06/2012 eighties [en] eighties 발음 2 표 최고의 발음
27/06/2012 subinvolution [en] subinvolution 발음 0 표
27/06/2012 polymathic [en] polymathic 발음 0 표
25/06/2012 anisocytosis [en] anisocytosis 발음 0 표
25/06/2012 validated [en] validated 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
25/06/2012 myotomy [en] myotomy 발음 0 표
13/02/2011 zooxanthella [en] zooxanthella 발음 0 표
13/02/2011 apodictically [en] apodictically 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
13/02/2011 acylation [en] acylation 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
13/02/2011 alkylation [en] alkylation 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 floridness [en] floridness 발음 2 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 hollowness [en] hollowness 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 hoggish [en] hoggish 발음 2 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 hoggishness [en] hoggishness 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 hoggishly [en] hoggishly 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 piggishness [en] piggishness 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 piggish [en] piggish 발음 3 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 grammatically [en] grammatically 발음 2 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 metalhead [en] metalhead 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 euphemistically [en] euphemistically 발음 2 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 clarifications [en] clarifications 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
11/01/2011 dispelling [en] dispelling 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
05/01/2011 viscacha [en] viscacha 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
13/12/2010 zooarchaeology [en] zooarchaeology 발음 2 표 최고의 발음
01/12/2010 melody [en] melody 발음 5 표 최고의 발음
31/10/2010 detent [en] detent 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
31/10/2010 exams [en] exams 발음 2 표 최고의 발음
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사용자 정보

I have a fairly neutral/generic (rather than regional) American accent. I have lived for long periods in both the US Midwest (Wisconsin) and the US South (yes, north Florida really is part of the South, I promise you), so I am familiar with both accents. I typically drop most of the characteristic features of both when speaking formally, though my Wisconsin accent does slip in on occasion, particularly with certain nasal vowels.

I am happy to pronounce words if someone requests them of me. Likewise, I am very glad to see other English speakers pronouncing words I have pronounced, as I believe Forvo should have as many variants available to members as possible - and American English is typically not the standard taught in most foreign language courses.

I try to pronounce words borrowed from other languages and place names as Americans do. I realize that this is not how they sound in their native tongues or nations, or even how they may sound in other English-speaking areas, but it is typically how you would hear it if you were in the US or listening to a US news site. If I am familiar with more than one variant in standard American English, I will try to include both pronunciations.

If you think there is something wrong with one or more of my pronunciations (e.g. bad sound quality, incorrect pronunciation), I'd appreciate you sending me a note so that I can correct it, if I've missed a problem.

성별: 여자

억양/나라: 미국

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