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06/05/2011 EROEI [en] EROEI 발음 0 표
06/05/2011 Dacus [en] Dacus 발음 0 표
06/05/2011 Sharbrow [en] Sharbrow 발음 0 표
06/05/2011 Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba [en] Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba 발음 0 표
06/05/2011 wild animals [en] wild animals 발음 0 표
10/04/2010 fawaka [srn] fawaka 발음 0 표
03/04/2010 Omani [srn] Omani 발음 0 표
03/04/2010 kerki [srn] kerki 발음 0 표
03/04/2010 omani? [srn] omani? 발음 0 표
03/04/2010 denki [srn] denki 발음 0 표
03/04/2010 disi [srn] disi 발음 0 표
03/04/2010 me wani dati [srn] me wani dati 발음 0 표
30/03/2010 Suriname [srn] Suriname 발음 0 표
30/03/2010 sranankondre [srn] sranankondre 발음 0 표
30/03/2010 sranan-tongo [srn] sranan-tongo 발음 0 표
30/03/2010 sranantongo [srn] sranantongo 발음 0 표
30/03/2010 sranan [srn] sranan 발음 0 표
05/02/2010 Mazon Creek [en] Mazon Creek 발음 0 표
05/02/2010 eicastic [en] eicastic 발음 1 표 최고의 발음
31/01/2010 exon [en] exon 발음 0 표
31/01/2010 Diana Ambache [en] Diana Ambache 발음 -1 표
31/01/2010 Tommotian [en] Tommotian 발음 0 표
31/01/2010 Hugh d'Avranches [en] Hugh d'Avranches 발음 0 표
31/01/2010 homeoboxes [en] homeoboxes 발음 0 표
31/01/2010 Albert Sabin [en] Albert Sabin 발음 0 표
31/01/2010 Jonas Salk [en] Jonas Salk 발음 0 표
26/01/2010 Silvia Neysters [en] Silvia Neysters 발음 0 표
26/01/2010 Chenies Manor House [en] Chenies Manor House 발음 0 표
25/01/2010 high-rise [en] high-rise 발음 0 표
25/01/2010 F1 [en] F1 발음 1 표 최고의 발음

사용자 정보

I grew up in an expat family, so I have more then one accent. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand, grew up in countless states of the USA; and pretty much have lived all over the Americas. This includes Mexico, Chile, Dutch Suriname and British Guyana.

I'm currently abroad. I've studied Dutch, Spanish, Sranan tongo, among other languages.

성별: 남자

억양/나라: 미국

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