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  • Definition of char

    • a charred substance
    • a human female employed to do housework
    • any of several small trout-like fish of the genus Salvelinus
  • Synonyms of char

    • scorch 발음 scorch [en]
    • blacken 발음 blacken [en]
    • burn 발음 burn [en]
    • toast 발음 toast [en]
    • ruin 발음 ruin [en]
    • sear 발음 sear [en]
    • boil 발음 boil [en]
    • fry 발음 fry [en]
    • roast 발음 roast [en]
    • melt 발음 melt [en]
char 발음이 아직 없습니다:
  • char 발음 녹음하기 char [tl] char을 어떻게 발음하는 지 알고 있나요?

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