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Date Archives: 2008/09

European day of languages

The annual European Day of Languages will take place on Monday 26 September. With hundreds of activities taking place throughout Europe, this year's event will demonstrate the creative ways in which languages can be learned. It will be a...

September 25, 2008

Forvo's numbers

For those who like numbers and figures: English : 8187 pronunciations; portuguese : 5136; spanish : 4653; german : 4342; catalan : 2749; italian : 1268; french : 1126; farsi : 796; finnish : 756; ... and we could go on until the...

September 22, 2008

Brand new server

Forvo is growing fast so we had to upgrade to a new server. Maybe you have noticed some interruptions or slow connections to forvo in the past weeks. We are sorry about that and we hope to give a better service at the new location.

September 9, 2008